We're proud to represent the best Freestyle Football team in Germany:


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"The S2" - Stuttgart

The S2 team is made up of two amazing freestylers from Stuttgart, Daniel and René. They've been performing around the world together for more than 7 years and their high-energy shows are perfect for any occasion.

Because of their professional image and world-class skills, the S2 are in high demand both within Germany and also internationally.

They've featured in dozens of high-profile TV commercials and have performed half-time shows in many famous stadiums, where their incredible routines have entertained thousands of people around the world.

To contact The S2 or for any general inquiries regarding Germany, simply email us at info@worldclassfreestyle.com or use the submission form at the bottom of this page.


Check out the S2's awesome new video shot in Doha, Qatar during their recent trip


the S2's recent performance at the Deutscher Fussball Botschafter conference


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